“Paint for me?” 

Indeed we will! We’re two trained artists based in Ireland who decided to offer our services in order to create unique works of original art for you.

We’ve focused on ‘house portraits’ and ‘scene paintings’ for the paint for me website due to our experience painting works likes this for clients, friends and family. We thought it was high time we teamed up to offer our services to a wider audience and the result is the paintfor.me website.

House Portraits and Scenes


We will take great care in reproducing your chosen subject, using paints on canvas so that you receive a beautiful painting which will enhance your walls.

Our aim is that the result is entirely to your specifications and satisfaction.

When you’re ready to order a painting just follow the instructions here.

Capture the memories


What better way to capture memories of happy times and special moments than by commissioning a portrait of your home or of a treasured scene? These paintings evoke memories of the happiest and most important times in your home or at a special place.

Easy, affordable, give-able


paint for me offers you the chance to easily, affordably, and safely commission an image painted on canvas.

Not only are our paintings something for you, but they make the perfect gift for a loved one. 

It’s difficult to find an unusual, special gift, which is both personal, thoughtful and unique. A house portrait or scene painted by us might just be the answer. They make memorable retirement gifts for colleagues, as a housewarming gifts, as wedding presents, and of course as a gift for yourself.

Gift Tokens


Speaking of gifts, we also issue gift tokens – here.

Ready to order?


  • Simply go to the Pick an artist page.
  • Pick which artist you want to do your painting.
  • Choose either by canvas size or by price.

You have the option to:

  • Order straight from the artist and send them your image(s) by email, or…
  • Get a 10% discount when you pay a deposit up front and we will be straight back in touch to get images from you.

Questions? Contact us and we’ll get right back to you.


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