Commission Prices vs Gallery Prices

If you’ve been browsing through the site you will see that we now offer not only the option to commission a house-portrait painting, but also scene paintings of townscapes or landscapes. Peter – who, I mentioned previously is a whizz at coding websites – has also added a brand spanking new Scenes Gallery section to Paint for Me and this is where you can see our completed scene paintings.


Paint For Me Gallery House Portraits
Paint For Me Gallery House Portraits


The eagle-eyed of you may notice that some of the completed paintings we now offer for sale are more expensive than the prices we quote for commissions – even if the canvases are the same size. The reason for this (apart from the work being self-generated and thus more personal) is because some of these paintings are also being exhibited in galleries or other venues. When exhibited elsewhere they will have a gallery commission fee of 30% to 50% added to them.


'What are they worth? Well, it's difficult to put a price on such extraordinary works of art. How much you got?'


One golden rule for artists is that they keep their prices consistent across all sales outlets, including online sites like Paint for Me and venues such as galleries. It means that one purchaser doesn’t feel they have been unfairly charged for a similar work which someone else bought at a lower price from a different vendor. Bearing that in mind the most fair thing to do for buyers of art is to keep any paintings that will be exhibited in galleries at ‘the gallery price’ and therefore consistent across the board.