Distant Rain

'Distant Rain' Oil on Canvas 30.25 x 20.25cm
‘Distant Rain’ Oil on Canvas 30.25 x 20.25cm

This is a small intimate painting of what is a vast scene. I (Elena) have an obsession with this type of landscape and have been gathering sketches and photos for the last year and a half of these empty outdoor spaces.

This is my current favourite beach, not only because it is the nearest for me to get to from here on the Cavan / Meath border, but also because it feels as if it is somewhere down in the beautiful West of Ireland. This beach stretches north of Clogherhead, a popular summer seaside town.

Painting on paperbacks for size comparison
Painting on paperbacks for size comparison

On a clear day you can see the dusky Mourne Mountains in the distance and it’s fascinating to see how the clouds and light change how those mountains look, sometimes obscuring them and at other times altering the colours so that they always appear changed each time I see them. The beach is one of those flat beaches with no depth to it, so that when the tide of the Irish Sea goes out, you are left with vast acres of sand. They sky reflects in the puddles and previously hidden rocks and seaweed appears.

This painting shows a massive cloud-bank looming over the mountains and the nearer headland. The tide is out and seabirds gather on the sand in groups.

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– Elena