Exciting News!

Paint for Me is evolving! Our website, where you can commission house portraits, started life as an online platform for people to order paintings of their houses. However, we are not content to rest on our laurels and we have decided to expand what we paint to include other imagery on the site. You can now buy completed scene and landscape paintings directly from our paintfor.me site, or you may be inspired to commission a scene painting to your exact specifications.

You could order a nostalgic or favourite scene from where you used to live, currently live or have travelled to. It could be a cherished item painted as a still life, or an interior scene capturing the light flooding through the window – or indeed anything else you can think of.

We’ve started with exterior scenes as examples for this added dimension to what we offer on the paintfor.me site. As both of us are based in Ireland these paintings are of Irish scenery and landscape although as travel occurs, you may find depictions of other lands on the site.

dowra mountain
Elena: Cloudscape

Above is a ‘cloudscape’ painted in oils by Elena who favours capturing the vastness of the skies or land. Below are a series of in progress works by Peter, also in oils, showing off his mastery of loose brushwork which he uses as a base to build further layers upon.

peter scene paintings in progress
Peter: Scene paintings, in progress

We are of course still offering to paint portraits of houses if that’s your preference of a subject for a painting commission, however, you may want something else such as scenes, portraits or townscapes (Elena once was paid to paint Def Leppard in a cartoon style in garish primary colours! This is obviously not her normal choice of subject matter, but the client was happy and for an artist, it is often good to paint something out of their comfort zone in order to improve).

Right now we are both busy painting scenes that we have personally chosen to depict on canvas. These will be included in our online gallery so that if you like any of them, as they are already completed you can simply buy directly from the paintfor.me site.