Welcome to the Paintforme blog!

It’s hard to know what to start writing as the very first blog post, so I thought that it made sense to give a quick overview about paintforme.

Peter had the idea to offer ‘house portraits’ and I was keen on the idea, having been encouraged by someone else to do the very same thing. Setting up a website where our talents are pooled – Peter also codes and designs websites and I have some experience in social media and online marketing and graphic design – and of course we both paint!

Paint for Me Gallery page
Paint for Me Gallery page – here

A few weeks of furious coding, website text writing and figuring out stuff and paintforme was born in late 2014.

Painting commissions started to trickle in before Christmas, in part due to the Irish Times featuring an article on paintforme in both their print and online editions.

We started the site focusing on house portraits and I designed the logo to feature a swoop of green paint with one of Peter’s painted houses sitting above it. However, in order to be flexible and give our customers original paintings specific to their subject-matter and tastes we’ve decided to expand our repertoire of subject matter to include other things. More on that in another blog post!

Paint for Me logo

In the meantime please browse through our site and if you have any questions or would like to order a house portrait or any other painting, please just send an email!